do it yourself anakin skywalker costume

do it yourself anakin skywalker costume


Are there any modifications that can be made to the Anakin Skywalker costume to make it unique?


Halloween is just around the corner and you’re still undecided about your costume? If you’re a fan of Star Wars, how about creating your own Anakin Skywalker costume? Here’s how you can make a Star Wars-themed master costume while staying within a budget!

Materials needed

– Brown pants
– Dark brown boots
– Black long-sleeve shirt
– Black Jedi robe
– Brown leather belt
– Custom lightsaber
– Piece of fabric (optional)

Costume tutorial

Step 1: Pants and boots

The first step to creating your Anakin Skywalker costume is assembling the outfit. Start by finding a pair of brown pants that fit well and are comfortable. Pair these with dark brown boots that go up to the calf.

Step 2: Black shirt and Jedi robe

Next, you’ll need a black long-sleeve shirt and a black Jedi robe. Make sure the shirt is comfortable and fitted as it will be the foundation of the outfit. The Jedi robe can be purchased or handmade. Check out this video tutorial for an easy and affordable way to DIY a Jedi robe.

Step 3: Belt

To create the perfect Anakin costume, you’ll need a brown leather belt. Make sure the belt is the correct size to fit around your waist. You can even add a pouch to the belt for an authentic look. Simply purchase a small utility pouch from your local hardware store and attach it to the belt.

Step 4: Lightsaber

No Jedi costume is complete without a lightsaber! Create your own custom lightsaber by purchasing a hilt kit online and assembling it yourself.

Step 5: Optional fabric

If you want to add an extra touch to your Anakin costume, consider adding a piece of fabric to the outfit. The fabric can be draped over the shoulder and connected to the belt. Make sure the fabric is the same color as the Jedi robe to create a cohesive look.


Creating an Anakin Skywalker costume can be easy and affordable. By using the materials listed above and following these simple steps, you can create a costume that would make any Star Wars fan proud. May the force be with you!

It’s no secret that Anakin Skywalker is one of the most beloved characters in the Star Wars universe. From joining The Jedi Order in the prequels to eventually succumbing to the dark side, Anakin’s story arc is a fascinating one, and his costume is an iconic part of his identity. If you’re interested in cosplaying as the Chosen One, you might be wondering how to make a DIY Anakin Skywalker costume.

Fortunately, creating your own Anakin Skywalker cosplay is easier than you think. Start off with a long, floor-length tunic in a tan or off-white color, and pair it with some darker brown trousers or leggings. You’ll also need a tan belt to wrap around your waist, as well as knee-high leather boots. To top off the look, add a wide-brimmed hat and cape in a dark, muted color.

Accessorize the outfit with Anakin-specific items. Leather gloves, a lightsaber, and a hefty robotic arm are just a few pieces that could help make your cosplay more accurate. Replica laser swords and prosthetic arms can be found online for fairly reasonable prices.

Complete the look of your DIY Anakin Skywalker costume with some facial effects. To make yourself look as close as possible to Anakin, you’ll need to purchase some face paints and paints to create Anakin’s facial scar. If you’re comfortable wearing wigs or masks to cover your face, you may also want to purchase some Anakin-style wigs and masks to go along with the costume.

Overall, constructing a DIY Anakin Skywalker costume doesn’t have to be complicated or costly. With a few basic clothing items, some well-crafted accessories, and some creative makeup and wig choices, you’ll be ready for your costume transformation in no time. Now you can become the galaxy’s Chosen One with your own personal Anakin Skywalker cosplay.

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